Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baja, Sweet Baja

I have wanted to make the journey to Punta San Carlos since I first picked up a windsurfing magazine 9 years ago. Now that I am here I cannot believe that I didn't come sooner.

It is hard to describe this place. It is like a rugged desert but by the sea, warm by day out of the wind but cold at night. There is no civilization anywhere in sight, and the nearest shop is 2 hours away. The nearest hospital is 6 hours away.

The wave is a long right that goes on and on, turn after turn, slow and super soft. There are 3 breaks - one on the beach, one at the point, and then the Chilli Bowl further down wind. The wind is cross off, perfect for down the line sailing. The first couple of days we had a decent size swell, perfect to get used to the place. The fact that there are hardly any people here means that you can have all the waves you want, and a 2 hour session is exhausting as a result of all the waves you can get.

I'm just so happy to be here after such a long wait and the place is living up to everything I had hoped. Solo Sports have made the journey far more relaxing so that when I'm not on the water I can totally chill out.

There is a big swell due to come in the next couple of days - fingers crossed we will get some awesome.