Sunday, October 27, 2013

Epic October in the UK

Usually it feels like it's windy during the week, and nothing at the weekend; stopping all working people from ever getting on the water. Even more of a challenge now that the evenings are getting darker and darker.
However, the last couple of weeks in the UK have been amazing.

Last Friday we got down to Cornwall to see amazing head high plus sets rolling in to Perran Sands. I had never been here before (which amazed me in itself), and I guess the dramatic cliff route down to water keeps a lot of people away.

Perran Sands

After a little paddle we were in the pub drinking cider by 8 surrounded with good friends.
We weren't aware of just how good the surf would be in the perhaps had one too many!

Saturday morning surf was even better! I have never surfed Polzeath so clean and fun; it didn't last more than a couple of hours until the tide and wind killed it, but that was enough to be stoked for the rest of the day. It is a well known fact that the quality of the conditions the next day are directly proportional to the amount of fun had the night before. Saturday night was a little raucous so we knew sunday would be epic! A little bleary eyed we headed to Gwithian, where the swell had dropped in size but the wind came through. Bearing in mind I sail port tack about twice a year I was fine with small waves whilst learning how to windsurf all over again!

This weekend we drove to South Wales, and I have been reminded of why the UK is such a fantastic place to live. This little guy cracked me right up en route to Horton:

We had an unexpectedly fun windsurf, cross on, small waves, and super warm! It's nearly november and it's still warm!

Sunday was the the beginning of the storm - the infamous storm on every news channel going.
My aim was to sail early before it all went a bit too crazy. I have never really seen Weston with waves, cross on port tack and tons of fun. I kind of learnt how to jump on port tack....finally, and the sun even came out.

Aside from missing the UK I also remembered how much I love my kit!! Quatro boards and Goya sails are the perfect combination for any aspiring wave sailor. My board turns seemlessly, my sails never feel too big, and even when I "should" be overpowered they just let the gusts out and I can keep on going. I haven't had anyone try my kit and not convert....yet. So if you see me at the beach next time, you're more than welcome to test it out :)