Monday, June 21, 2010

Pistol River Wave Bash 2010 - Day 4

Pistol River Wave Bash - Day 4 - Sunday 20th June
The wind did not disappoint and with steady 4.7 weather the final decider between Kevin Pritchard and Francisco Goya was on. Enough said really; watching 2 sailors of such calibre battle it out is pretty awesome and it was Kevin who took the win.
See below for the results.
A huge shout out has to go out to Sam Bittner who made this entire event happen. With no previous experience of running an event she seamlessly made it happen - no doubt with the support of many friends and all the sponsors. This was a pretty large milestone in US windsurfing because the last time a wave event took place was 10 years ago. From all the competitors and spectators: THANK YOU SAM!
Pro Mens
1st Kevin Pritchard
2nd Francisco Goya
3rd Kai Katchadourian
1st Ingrid Larouche
2nd Tanya Saleh
3rd Christine Vogt
1st Zane Schweitzer
2nd Bernd Roediger
3rd Morgan Noireaux
1st Atilla Tivadar
2nd Macrae Wylde
3rd Rhone

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