Sunday, April 29, 2012

Slalom, Luxury Changing, and Pasties

So, while I have only ever partaken in wave events before, I decided it would be fun to get involved in something a little different. The British Slalom series seems to have really taken off over the past 3 years whilst I've been out of the country so sounded like a new fun thing to try out. Who better to drag along for the ride than Henry - always up for a laugh, and we cruised down to Weymouth for the 2nd event of the year. We managed to underestimate how long it would take to get there and as a result missed round 1!! We managed to sort our selves out in time for round 2 and entered the Amateurs. Big thank you to Pryde Group UK for the "much larger than usual" loan of kit....lots of litres and momfilm later we were heading out to the start line which was a 15 minute sail up wind! To cut the story short the racing was absolutely tons of fun! I was expecting it to be kind of boring but it wasn't at all! It was also super cool being at the Olympic venue where they have a full suite of changing luxury facilities! Taking wetsuit off in hot shower was something I could easily get used to :) Due to a whole host of reasons we drove back to Bristol in the evening and couldn't make it back down for the 2nd day. But we had a good taster of what to expect next time, and we will be much better prepared for the whole weekend. Pic 1 = the olypic facilities Pic 2 = the biggest pasty in the world. Bigger than Henry's head.

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