Monday, January 14, 2013


Willing to consider offers because I need to shift it asap....I don't want this poor kit sat here being uneglected collecting dust for any longer! Please e mail me for more info or pics, or to make an offer

2012 JP twinser quad 68 litre - ₤680
In amazing condition, abosultely no repairs or anything. This is a great board, sick for wave riding and really light for jumping

2012 Neil pryde Fly2 4.8 in pink/blue - £300
Used less than 10 times, no repairs or damage. The Fly 2's are a really versatile sail easy to use and they feel great.

2011 Neil pryde Fly2 4.2 and 3.6 in green - £240 & £220
Good condition, no repairs, great sails (as above)

Naish Aeromax mast 430cm 75% carbon - £40
This was only ever used a few times, it's a regular diameter at the bottom which tapers into a skinny at boom height. So you can use your old extentions but get the benefits of a skinny.

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