Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November gets off to a Windy start too! Big Love to the South Wales Windsurfing Scene

What another amazing weekend! Admittedly Saturday was a little too much; windier than the supposed "storm" last week, and so I was left battling on the same size kit as my 90kg friends! But having had my leaving party the night before, a good dunking certainly sorted my head out.

Sunday was all time Rock Garden conditions. Unfortunately I made a massive error of rigging way too big; something i'm usually good at avoiding. And for anyone who has sailed here, by the time you clamber over all the rocks to get out, re-rigging isn't high on your agenda....aka, I was very lazy.
Luckily I managed to catch the lulls on a few waves and had an absolute blast! Still messing around with the go pro trying to figure out best angle, perhaps time to invest in a mast mount?
Check out the photo with the double rainbow!

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