Monday, April 13, 2015

The South Swell Dash - Punta San Carlos

It was Wednesday morning, I was bored in a meeting, a perfect time check the swell for the weekend. The charts were not what I was expecting to see, needless to say my attention was no longer in the meeting room. 6-8 foot South with a 20 second period! A multitude of text messaging later I had confirmed our madness and my desperation for a windsurf: a 2.5 day dash to Punta San Carlos was happening. For anyone who has been, you will understand that the 10 hour drive down there from Orange county is pretty excessive for 2.5 days. But when you haven't windsurfed in 4 months, and you have a willing partner in crime then all rhyme and reason goes out the window.
Picking Joey up in San Diego on the way further amplified the excitement Goya Socal full steam ahead.
The short version of the story is we scored, it was preseason, just a few of us around, logo to mast high joy. I'll let the photos do the talking.
Thanks Dazza for sitting behind the lense to get these :)