Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Llangenith - after a 5 year wait

Getting a message from Savage saying the forecast was right for Llangenith was such a long awaited call. I'd wanted to sail there since living in Bristol but never managed to make it quite that far.
When we rocked up and caught our first sight of the sea through the sand dunes we kicked ourselves for net having been there sooner. The most amazing waves I had seen in months peeling across a long sandy beach, cross off shore wind, you know the rest - leg it to the car, rig up, and start the mammoth walk across the sand.
It was tricky getting out with light winds on the inside, but catching the first real wave I had been on since december eliminated every single negative thought. After about half an hour, however, the tide started coming in, and the waves started jacking up with hell's mouth-esque lips. So eventually we decided to cruise an hour down the coast to Porthcawl for a quick sail before the tide came in too far. Awesome day, love checking out new beaches (even if the tide ruins things).
As always ,- Chris, thanks for taking the pics - I'm amazed you could see anything through the lens based on the fact it was pissing it down.

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