Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Slalom racing is for old men....isn't it?

I always thought racing was the boring option. However, I went to support JP/Pryde UK at the Aberdovey Slalom event. No sooner after I arrived I had already been entered, and was rigging up my biggest wave kit to race on!
To cut a long story short, Mr Lewis gave me some slalom kit and I loved it. The atmosphere was super chilled, friendly and the racing ......well I actually totally enjoyed it; and the slalom kit felt so much lighter than I had expected
Sunday's conditions were slightly different; 40 knots, horizontal sand and rain etc etc. So I went back to my trusty wave kit. Overpowered on a 3.3 and 66 litre pro world wave I managed to hold on for all 4 races.  My car was emptied of kit....Chris using my 3.7, Jamie H on my 4.7, that's how windy it was. Luckily it all came back to me in one piece and I look forward to slalom-ing it up again soon....

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