Saturday, July 4, 2009


Pics: Clark Merritt (Thanks Clark!)

6.15 am pack up the truck, 6.30 coffee stop 7am cross the border, 12.45 pm last stop El Rosario for Papaya and Mango - last stop until camp. 2.30 Arrive PSC, 3.45pm hit the water; 4.7 Combat, twinser, head high and perfect.......Punta San Carlos at it's best.

I really wasn't expecting this when we arrived. Coming down on a forecast often rouses false expectation, but this welcome session was very much a surprise to me. I hadn't been on the water for nearly 2 months, but after about 20 minutes I had completely forgotten that this even mattered. What matters now is that we are here and hopefully have 4 more days to look forward to.

The place is very quiet; 2 guests at Solo Sports who leave tomorrow and 4 other sailors camping along the beach. So you can have every wave you want, although there are hundreds of pelicans chilling on the rock and cruising down the line. I had a couple of funny moments thinking I was going to hit one as I bottom turned. The seals were out in full force splashing around, and I was trying to remember how to wave sail. It felt good, bring on tomorrow.

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