Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bringing home the trophy!

Final Day and Results
The wind cranked up to a strength whereby everyone was overpowered regardless of sail size. The waves were inconsistent thanks to the extraordinarily high tide, and also very choppy when they did come through. The overall ruling was to run an Expression Session where overall impression counted but big scores most. Needless to say it was quite a show. The huge airs, backloops 1 footed, 1 handed, push loops made for quite a show but for most it was a matter of survival....even some of the Pros didn't make it for the full 15 minute duration of their heat!! (I won't mention names).
Local Maui resident Russ Faurot took the win consistently landing the biggest jumps.
In the Women's Miho took the win managing to remain in control and land some big forwards.

So that was that....results stood firm as they did at the end of round 4 (see below).

I would just like to thank all the event organiser's (Sam and her team) for a great event in world class conditions. And of course to Kevin Trejo and all the Solosports staff for putting up with us all week.

All Maui Men's Podium:
1st Graham Ezzy
2nd Keith Taboul
3rd Kevin Prichard

1st Tanya Saleh (England)
2nd Miho Tanaka (Japan)
3rd Sam Bittner (USA)

1st Jordan Reid
2nd Yossy Saloman
3rd Ruben Lemmens

1st Kevin Trejo
2nd Royn Bartoldi

1st Morgan Noireaux
2nd Jordan Reid
3rd Jay Watermeyer

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