Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cactus Cup Update

Day 2

Another successful day and another round complete. The swell ranged from knee high to logo high depending on whether you were lucky enough to score a set wave in your heat.
The family style competition vibe continued with competitors and spectators cheering each other on from the point when not in the water.

The men's final featured Keith Taboul, Russ Faurot, Nathon Mershon, and Matt Pritchard.
When you watch Keith Taboul killing it down the line landing 3 aerials one after the other ontop of 4 turns on the same wave - you know it's going to be a good heat. All 4 of them were killing it and it pretty much came down to who got the biggest, longest waves.

Both Nathan and Keith progressed to the super final where we got to witness the battle of the aerials. Nathan managed to pip Keith on the wave selection to take the win.

In the women's I managed to take the win with Miho in 2nd, Sam in 3rd, and Catherine in 4th.
I have to say that this is the most fun contest I have ever been a part of. The conditions are so enjoyable that sailing in your heat is awesome since you get to sail the point with just 4 of you there for 15 minutes. It's just like cruising around with your friends having a good time.

For a full break down of results please go to
Photos courtesy of Kevin Pritchard who miraculously manages to coordinate filming, shooting stills, and competing all at the same time

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