Friday, November 9, 2007

8th November

It got relatively windy quite early today, and since no one is really sailing Ho'okipa until 1pm we decided to go down the coast to Kanaha to get on the water early. We were on 4.7's and it was totally flat. You could sail for 10 mins before seeing a wave, and even then it was more like a ripple. So by lunch time we were eager to check out Ho'okipa. We got there and there were about 1,200 people sailing on a 2 ft wave= out of the question. Therefore we headed to Kuau-a great spot only 2 mins from Ho'okipa and has about a millionth of the people out on the water. We launched there and sailed at Mamas; still a small wave but only about 6 of us. The conditions today were in no way "epic" but as always it's good to be on the water. Hopefully the swell direction is going to correct itself over the next 24 hours so if the swell is still non existent tomorrow it should be back to good by saturday.

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