Sunday, November 4, 2007

What to do in Maui with no wind?

So the obvious answer is to go surfing, and so yesterday morning I went for a surf at Ho'okipa. Surfing there always scares me, not because of the waves but because of the locals! The swell was small and I actually really enjoyed it, I guess most of the hard-core local surfers don't bother going out when the surf is that small.

I came to Maui over 4 years ago for a month and a half and didn't once see any water falls or scenery on the Hana Highway, so during this trip I was determined to make the effort to see some. I managed to persuade a friend who knows the trek through the bamboo forest to check it out so a few of us did that in the afternoon. It was amazing! There are about 5 waterfalls to see and the trek gets tougher the further you go. It starts off easy through dense bamboo, then you have to scamper across rocks through streams, then you have to use rope to pull your self up a 12ft rock and eventually there is a section where you have to swim. But it was definitely worth every second.

Today was a different story since it didn't stop raining all day. Determined not to waste the day we did something rather bizarre- christmas shopping! I know it is ridiculously early, but if every day from now until christmas is windy then it won't get done at all, so at least most of it is out the way.

So the ultimate no wind activities turn out to be: Surfing, trekking to waterfalls and shopping (although I never really enjoy the latter).

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