Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Smaller swell and trades are back

The regular trade winds are back, but unfortunately the swell has dropped. On Monday we went to sail camp one since that’s where Muzza and Jay are staying, but the wind was lighter than it looked and the reef is so shallow I was scared to try anything! Yesterday I just decided to go to Kanaha again because I wanted to start sailling right at 11am. It actually turned out to be a fun day; I was on a 4.2 and the sets were about head high. I guess it’s super low tide because some of the go pro footage you can see the coral head right by my body out on the reef! I put the go pro on the other side of the boom and actually think the shots might be better like this. This morning Muzza Jay and I are going to hike some of the waterfalls because it has rained so much that they should be pretty amazing at the moment.

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