Friday, March 9, 2012

Surfing, Kona winds and Sea Urchins

So the passed couple of days have been stormy with kona winds. Had a couple of fun surfs: One at Honolua Bay a foot over head - it’s safe to say that I was well on the limit of my surfing capability but I survived and caught some amazing waves. A foot over head doesn't sound huge but this wave is so powerful and everyone sat in the line up is amazing! I was a little intimidated at first but after watching from the shoulder for a while I got involved and had a blast. We also had another session, much smaller surf, so we took out some long boards and Mike’s SUP - Tomo his dog came along for the ride too. I managed to step on an urchin for the first time ever which was fun....and the spines are STILL firmly wedged in my foot! Yesterday afternoon the wind switched back around just in time for a windsurf at Kanaha which was unexpected but awesome because hardly anyone was out. This morning the trade winds are back and we are set to sail Kuau

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