Thursday, March 15, 2012

Waterfalls and Waves

Yesterday was a super fun day, we went straight to the bamboo forest and hiked and swam up to the waterfalls. The rain meant it was quite muddy in places and since Jay and I were barefoot we inadvertently ended up with a foot mud wrap type treatment. We swam up the river and spent some time messing around jumping in the pools. After that we went via the ice cream store back to camp one and launched there to sail down to Uppers. I was pretty hesitant about sailing there because I never usually have a particularly great session but I was totally proved wrong. There were some logo high sets coming through and before the tide got high it was fun jumping too. It was so much fun sailing with Muzza and Jay, and of course I inherited a couple of Global Shots of which Jay managed to slyly apply without me even noticing until he pointed out after the session. I sailed until I couldn’t hold on anymore then cruised back up wind and collapsed in a heap :)

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